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  1. RunMe 0.9 (Application Launcher)

    KSoft the weather feature in RunMe is no longer available! Please give us a new version of the program!!! I've been using RunMe for 4 years and I can not imagine my desktop without it!!! Please!!!!!
  2. How Do I Change "my Videos" Folder Icon

    I don't want to use another program.....
  3. Icy Radio

    I have all my favorite stations' urls but I can not copy paste the names nor the links in the "add favorite station" window. What's wrong???
  4. How do I change "My Videos" folder icon in Windows XP Pro SP3 using desktop.ini file??????? Please help!!!
  5. Hdd Thermometre

    Could someone please make a program like that or tell me what to put in the registry so it won't ask for a free registration??? The registration page is down and a message pops up everytime I start my computer.
  6. Glass Cmd For Xp

    Thanks!!! Looking forward!!!
  7. Glass Cmd For Xp

    When I move the window the frame does not follow the black background well and when I close it, the frame stays...
  8. RunMe 0.9 (Application Launcher)

    a) The latest version is Why I can't find it in your site??? B ) Could it be possible to see on RunMe, a mail checker, a cpu meter and a hard drive size meter???? Thanks KSoft!!! It's a great application!!!