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    I'm about to look for a gun and a bullet. lol I consider myself a pretty damn savvy pc guy, but I can't for the life of me get this running correctly. Here's what I get... Win7 Ultimate DirectX 11 I put the dll in the avedesk folder. Ver 1.4 Vista Compatibility I've registered and unregistered several times just to make sure. Ave loads up fine. The default translator desklet doesn't work. I can type in it, but it does nothing. Sublabels are jacked! I don't have %u %n etc.. all mine are %1 through like %287 or so. Also the browse button to set the path does nothing. Will someone pls tell me what they are doing to make this work in Win7. All help will greatly be appreciated man. If you need more info, screens, whatever ... just ask I will be glad to post them. Thanks a ton!