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  1. Blogger

    I use blogger for posting art and for blogging about topics I enjoy. I was wondering, is it even remotely possible to use iWeb for blogger? Even it were just a template, tat would be awesome. I've been googling, and to no luck, nothing is really leading anywhere. I'm beginning to think that a "no" is approaching. or not....? do not double post - mps69
  2. Looking for good & free Webspace

    Well, how much space are looking for? I use which gives you 2GB in seconds. It's quick, but it depends on what exactly you want to use the space for.
  3. [info] Settling Into Mac Os X

    I love Candybar 3! I just wish there was a decent free alternative.
  4. Feelings

  5. Make Love Not War

    Wow, That is really cool. It reminds me of the art collages I was forced to do in high school. This is waaaaaaaaaay better than anything I could make. Keep up the goodness!
  6. High resolution unique wallpapers

    Really Nice!
  7. Abstract Peace Wallpapers

    These are my second wallpapers. They're fairly simple, somewhat abstract, but very simple. I named the wallpapers peace because it was the only thing I could think of. Any feedback is appreciated, Thanks! To download them, you can visit My DeviantArt or My Website/Blog
  8. Hi, This Is my first real wallpaper, I hope it is enjoyed, or looked at. I would greatly appreciate any kind of comments, or feedback. thank you!!! To download it, you can visit My DeviantArt or My Website/Blog
  9. [request] Who Have This Wallpaper?

    I'll give you the link iMacWallpaper
  10. [request] Who Have This Wallpaper?

    Do u want the wallpaper with or without writing on it? I could make it.