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  1. I'm looking to create and build my own theme for Leopard, but i don't know how to start. i've great photoshop skills and image editing is not problem, but i need an example to start: for example, a close button image for edit. And, how to compile/decompile the theme file? Thanks any helps
  2. Aqua For Magnifique

    Hello all. I'm on Mac OS Leopard and need a theme for the Magnifique app in the Aqua styles from older MacOS versions, such as Tiger or Jaguar. I've searched at google and don't find. Does anybody can help me? Thanks any help
  3. Gdi++ In Xp Spk 3?

    I search 'gdi++' 1 hour with google and all gdi++ zip files i downloaded not work in my computer.. please, if possible, send your gdi++ folder with rapidshare... thank a lot
  4. Gdi++ In Xp Spk 3?

    does Gdi++ work in Windows XP Service Pack 3?? i love the mac font rendering, and gdi++ is the single i found.. help!! i need Gdi++, but service pack 3 is installed.. if i uninstall service pack the leopard theme will too... waiting for answer excuse about my poor english