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  1. Miranda Im [g.a.n.t. Pack]

    salute to u sir for getting permissions
  2. September 2004 Screenshot Thread

    yes get permissions to release that and the object bar
  3. September 2004 Screenshot Thread

    what program is that
  4. September 2004 Screenshot Thread

    Theme Soft aqua icons Equa Avdesk Wall Seph i belive
  5. Miranda Im [g.a.n.t. Pack]

    i didnt see it on your Website or i over looked it and i cant locate it in your file download
  6. [release] Pandion To Adium/proteus Mod

    how long will it take to connect to msn servers its been 4 + mins
  7. [release] Pandion To Adium/proteus Mod

    nice work but i need to know how to add yahoo connection
  8. Widgets That Run With

    Damn what crawled up your butt buddy dosent hurt to ask
  9. Miranda Im [g.a.n.t. Pack]

    do u have permissions to use his Icons ?
  10. [release] Bz Soft Blue Milk

    no i never got the email but thx for the help im not geting a little cross hair do i need to be running w.blinds to get them
  11. [release] Bz Soft Blue Milk

    loveit but can some please telll me how to set up windowblinds so i can make my display properties look like his
  12. September 2004 Screenshot Thread

    will that be released ? and where can i get the released object bar i love the theme
  13. September 2004 Screenshot Thread

    is that trillian ? if so DAMn thats nice has it been released
  14. Widgets That Run With

    foobar i HATE itunes run like doo doo on my box and i love Foobar but i really need a foobar widget like the ones that run on Itunes :cry:
  15. [release] Miranda To Proteus Mod

    no clue why but it stopped working ? :cry: how do i do the Alt + 255 ?