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  1. Hey guys. I have the Aqua-Soft theme for IPB 2.3.6, and I love it! My favorite skin so far. On the right hand side of IP.Portal, there is Recent Posts. Any way to change the amount of posts that go there? Also, on the right hand menu bar, I'd like to have Board Stats, such as Online Members, # of Posts/Topics, as well as a Google Adsense Ad. Finally, I wanted to be able to post a few items on that bar such as a Twitter Icon and RSS Feed Icons. Is all this possible? Thanks in advance, Michael
  2. Adding A Custom Icon To The NavBar

    Well I was able to add the home icon, but there isn't the text "Home" under the icon. Do I need to add that into a separate file? This is exactly what I added... <li class="item"><a href="{$this->ipsclass->base_url}act=home&amp;CODE=00"><img class="home.gif" src='style_images/<#IMG_DIR#>/home.gif' alt='' /><br />{$this->ipsclass->lang['home']}</a></li> Where would I add the title to that? is where it shows up. However, if you login in to the site, you no longer see the Home icon anymore. So I basically need to add a title and enable it to appear when a user is and isn't logged in. One last question and I'll stop bothering you. How would I go about adding a menu icon redirecting the user to an external link? Thanx so much for your help so far Timan. I truly appreciate it
  3. Hey! Just purchased the Aqua-Soft Theme for IPB, and installed it on my site, but I got big problems, now... The titles are not bold, there's no spacer between posts, etc... There's just things around the site that don't look right. I reinstalled theme and got the same problem. :/ Any tips? Thanx!
  4. Adding A Custom Icon To The NavBar

    Where is that file located?