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  1. Trouble With AH's Weather

    1. Click on the flip button at the lower right corner. 2. On the back of the desklet, enter your location in the text box ( City, State or ZIP code). 3. Click the drop down arrow at the right side and select your location. 4. You can also change the units used ­°C or °F. 5. Click the Done button to flip the desklet back around.
  2. weather

    Right click and choose Configure. Go to the Meters tab and select the weather meter, and press the configure button. In the URL field, change unit=m to unit=s. There are other ways to do this, such as using a script and two controllers to allow the user to change the location and units as they wish.
  3. AveDesk in Vista, Shortcuts not working...

    The solution I have found is to set 'Use classic Windows folders' in the Folder Options control panel applet. When I switched to using preview and filters, the shortcuts to the hard drive and trash no longer opened.
  4. flag for taskbar

    Here's a few in an icon library that I use.
  5. [help] burning an mp3 cd

    I normally just use Nero and use the CD-ROM(ISO) setting. Then I add my albums as folders and place playlists at the root of the CD. This assumes that your playlists will include the correct relative path information.
  6. Safarifox theme SaFire

    WinRAR works for me. I altered the compact menu and the new-tab buttons this way.
  7. [help] Safarifox jar file info

    Do not replace the em:id inside the targetApplication tree. {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} refers to Firefox.
  8. You need an IRC client. Several are available, depending on the platform you are running. I happen to use XChat.
  9. I reshacked the dll and changed the size of Dialog 105. Not the most elegant solution, but it worked for me.
  10. OK, see attachment. I fixed it by resizing the dialog so that i could see the options that were hidden
  11. Also wondering where the foobar200 passthrough function is. Otherwise, another superlative effort as always.
  12. [req] AveTune -> AveAmp?

    You might want to check this thread out; however, realize that it's not very elegant or for the faint of heart. Also, since WinAmp does not have a nice API from which to create controllers from, you may be waiting a loooooong time.
  13. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    I an using LucidaGrande for everything but the current temp, for that I use HelveticaNeue. The LucidaGrande font can be found here
  14. June Desktops

    Click to enlarge AveDesk + SysStats Dashboard Weather w/ moonphases WP: part of the Cosmos collection -> here WB: Mac OS X Tiger by Steve Grenier OB: Tiger 10.4 by Pete Ross & Magnus Wild - slightly modified
  15. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    Click to enlarge Update (now with moon phases, not shown in mini images) Altered display of main image so moon phases could be shown. Updated day/night script with that from World Clock by judge Image shows fonts which are not used in this release. Dashboard Weather 2.1 - right-click, Save Link As... As always, many thanks and credit given to those involved in prior releases(jojo, binary, judge, AndreasV).
  16. [update]Dashboard World Clock

    Additional update (uses images and font from Hyral's release[included]): Now works on AveDesk 1.2 with SysStats 2.5.x User can configure location by clicking on the city name. I have borrowed scripts from other items (i.e., AndreasV's script from the Dashboard Weather for day/night changes, many thanks)
  17. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    I'm currently working on adding moon phases to this. Actually, I already have something set up, I just want to make sure it works. Also, looking into display day names in upper case as well.
  18. gmail .mac skin

    Change email_header1.gif to email_header2.png
  19. [Request] Dashboard Weather Widget from MWSF

    Try using '//day[@d=n]//icon' for the selector, where n represents the day number {0,1,2,...,9} Also, if the first day you are displaying is the current day, then use '//day[@d=0]/part[t != "N/A"]/icon'.
  20. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    I don't have screenshot, but it is probably similar to the way Konfabulator displays images. One image for sun or moon and others for clouds, haze, etc. var accuweatherIcons = [ ["sun"], // 1 Sunny ["sun"], // 2 Mostly Sunny ["partlycloudy"], // 3 Partly Sunny ["partlycloudy"], // 4 Intermittent Clouds ["sun", "haze"], // 5 Hazy Sunshine ["partlycloudy"], // 6 Mostly Cloudy ["clouds"], // 7 Cloudy (am/pm) ["clouds"], // 8 Dreary (am/pm) null, // 9 retired null, // 10 retired ["fog"], // 11 fog (am/pm) ["rain"], // 12 showers (am/pnm) ["rain&clouds"], // 13 Mostly Cloudy with Showers ["rain&sun"], // 14 Partly Sunny with Showers ["lightening"], // 15 Thunderstorms (am/pm) ["lightening"], // 16 Mostly Cloudy with Thunder Showers ["lightening"], // 17 Partly Sunnty with Thunder Showers ["rain"], // 18 Rain (am/pm) ["flurries"], // 19 Flurries (am/pm) ["flurries"], // 20 Mostly Cloudy with Flurries ["flurries"], // 21 Partly Sunny with Flurries ["snow"], // 22 Snow (am/pm) ["snow"], // 23 Mostly Cloudy with Snow ["ice"], // 24 Ice (am/pm) ["hail"], // 25 Sleet (am/pm) ["hail"], // 26 Freezing Rain (am/pm) null, // 27 retired null, // 28 retired ["rain&snow"], // 29 Rain and Snow Mixed (am/pm) ["sun"], // 30 Hot (am/pm) ["sun"], // 31 Cold (am/pm) ["wind"], // 32 Windy (am/pm) // Night only Icons ["moon"], // 33 Clear ["moon"], // 34 Mostly Clear ["moon", "partlycomboclouds"],// 35 Partly Cloudy ["moon", "partlycomboclouds"],// 36 Intermittent Clouds ["moon", "haze"], // 37 Hazy ["moon", "partlycomboclouds"],// 38 Mostly Cloudy ["rain&clouds"], // 39 Partly Cloudy with Showers ["rain&clouds"], // 40 Mostly Cloudy with Showers ["lightening"], // 41 Partly Cloudy with Thunder Showers ["lightening"], // 42 Mostly Cloudy with Thunder Showers ["snow"], // 43 Mostly Cloudy with Flurries ["snow"] // 44 Mostly Cloudy with Flurries ];
  21. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    Yes it does. Moon phases contact sheet Here is the code to set the image (excess snipped): var MoonMap=[1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24]; var Moon = findChild (adc_Database, "Moon"); obj.phases = new Array; if (Moon != null) { var child; var j =0; for (child = Moon.firstChild; child != null; child = child.nextSibling) { if (child.nodeName == 'Phase') { var phase = parseInt(, 10); if (phase < 1 || phase > 27 || isNaN (phase)) phase = 15; phase--; // 0 base array phase = MoonMap[phase]; obj.phases[j++] = phase; if (j == 7) break; } } } function getMoonPhaseIcon (object) { try { var phase = object.phases[0]; if (phase > 0 && phase < 25) { return getPathForPhases() + "moon-"+phase+".png"; } } catch (ex) {} // always fall back to our full moon pic return "Images/Icons/moon.png"; } Here is the XML data used (this is a few days old): <Moon> <Phase date="5/10/2005" text="">1</Phase> <Phase date="5/11/2005" text="">2</Phase> <Phase date="5/12/2005" text="">3</Phase> <Phase date="5/13/2005" text="">4</Phase> <Phase date="5/14/2005" text="">5</Phase> <Phase date="5/15/2005" text="">6</Phase> <Phase date="5/16/2005" text="First">7</Phase> <Phase date="5/17/2005" text="">8 </Phase> <Phase date="5/18/2005" text="">9 </Phase> <Phase date="5/19/2005" text="">10</Phase> <Phase date="5/20/2005" text="">11</Phase> <Phase date="5/21/2005" text="">12</Phase> <Phase date="5/22/2005" text="">13</Phase> <Phase date="5/23/2005" text="Full">14</Phase> <Phase date="5/24/2005" text="">15</Phase> <Phase date="5/25/2005" text="">16</Phase> <Phase date="5/26/2005" text="">17</Phase> <Phase date="5/27/2005" text="">18</Phase> <Phase date="5/28/2005" text="">19</Phase> <Phase date="5/29/2005" text="">20</Phase> <Phase date="5/30/2005" text="Last">21</Phase> <Phase date="5/31/2005" text="">22</Phase> <Phase date="6/1/2005" text="">23</Phase> <Phase date="6/2/2005" text="">24</Phase> <Phase date="6/3/2005" text="">25</Phase> <Phase date="6/4/2005" text="">26</Phase> <Phase date="6/5/2005" text="">27</Phase> <Phase date="6/6/2005" text="New">1</Phase> <Phase date="6/7/2005" text="">1</Phase> <Phase date="6/8/2005" text="">0</Phase> <Phase date="6/9/2005" text="">1</Phase> <Phase date="6/10/2005" text="">2</Phase> </Moon> Apple uses XML data. -Edit- Does anyone else use the different dayband images?
  22. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    Click on the City name. This should open a small dialog box in which to enter your location ID. If you reside in the USA, this is just your ZIP code; otherwise, use the file inside the attached zip to retrieve your location ID. Edit: Does anyone have an idea on how to animate the wind images? Find Location
  23. [link/release] Dashboard Weather Widget

    Actually //obst will output the observation station used to obtain data. This could be the same as //dnam depending on where you reside. For me, //obst returns Buckley ANG, which is 18 miles east of where I live (see below). <loc id="80022"> <dnam>Commerce City, CO (80022)</dnam> <obst>Buckley Arpt., CO</obst> So, if you want City, State abbr., try substring-before( //dnam, ' (' )
  24. May Desktop Thread

    Clean Wall: Mac OS X Tiger from M's Desktop Pictures Theme: Mac OS X Tiger by Steve Grenier OBbar: Tiger 10.4 by peteross and Magnus with slight personal additions/modifcations Konfab widgets on left. AveDesk desklets on right. Default AveTunes controller with album art added. Looca 1.99 ObjectDock with standard icons. Pandion with mod by oldskull
  25. [Question] Crni's Tiger OB theme

    Didn't see one on his site.