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  1. Any Of The Originals Here Still

    Heh, what can you do. We've all grown up and bought macs.   I just keep it up, because why not. Its there if for some odd reason, someone wants to go back and look for something.
  2. Status Update Ipb3.2

    I just don't have the time to get to it yet. Believe me there are still plans for updating it. If ipb didn't change crap so drastically on each update, I would have updated it already. But you're forced to basically redo everything each time.
  3. Yep, made a thread http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/topic/55244-status-update-ipb32/ Since they keep changing stuff, I gotta start over again. May start off the mobile skin this time instead of their desktop skin. Seems they have some custom stuff in that one.
  4. Status Update Ipb3.2

    So seems 3.2 is out. Do not upgrade if you depend on this skin, it is not compatible as they rewrote the skins. I will start work on the new version shortly.
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to let y'all know the skin will be upgraded to ipb3.2, it won't make it out on release day since it'll once AGAIN have to be re-written from scratch (thanks IPB!). But it is coming, and will be even more lightweight than before, so faster etc. But its coming
  6. How To Edit Title

    Its just an image, you can either remove it completely by editing the GlobalHeader template or simply replacing the image.
  7. Adding A Report Button.

    If you click the cog (gear icon) in posts, you should get a menu that has the report link.
  8. Well I am not adding more mod support to a product that has 1-2 months left to live. 3.2 is coming out soon. Also why does something need to be updated all the time? Go look at other forum skins, they get a release and are never touched again. I think i've done a fantastic job at adding more and more features to this skin over the past 2yrs.
  9. Been A While

    Maybe some Mac emulation news?
  10. Just moved the site to another host, if you guys come across any errors please let me know. Thanks
  11. Shoutbox

    Setting for what exactly?
  12. Now that is a bug! I'll get an update out this evening. Any others please try to post em this afternoon.
  13. Apart from different addon support. Are there any bugs that need fixing atm? Or ones that have been reported.
  14. I haven't forgot about yall, I'm just so tied up with other projects at the moment. I am curious tho how 3.2 is looking.